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Finisar’s single and balanced photodetectors, which leverage advanced waveguide integrated photodiodes, offer a highly-linear frequency response from DC to over 100 GHz and high RF output power levels for Analog RF-over-Fiber applications. The detectors operate at various wavelengths including 1310 nm and 1550 nm. Finisar also offers receivers mating these advanced photodetectors with high-performance transimpedance amplifiers.

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Popular Components

  • 100 GHz Single High-speed Photodetector
  • 40 GHz Single High-speed Photoreceiver
  • 70 GHz Balanced High-speed Photodetector
  • 40 GHz Integrated High-speed Coherent Photodetector

Active Optical Components

Finisar's Active Optical Cables (AOC) accelerate storage, data, and high-performance computing connectivity. Their complete product line includes SFPwire AOC for 10GbE; Quadwire AOC for 40/100GbE, InfiniBand QDR/FDR/EDR, SAS3 and PCIe3; and C.wire AOC for 100GbE and beyond. Each cable solution leverages Finsar's fiber optic technology for the transmission of data while reducing the weight, density and power consumption compared to traditional copper solutions.

  • SFPwire 10G Ethernet SFP+ Active Optical Cable
  • Quadwire 4x10G Ethernet and Infiniband QDR QSFP Active Optical Cable
  • C.wire (CXP) 12x10G, 12x12.5G, and 12x14G Active Optical Cable
  • Quadwire 100G Active Optical Cable

Popular AOC's

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The WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors provides a range of programmable optical filtering and switching solutions for optical R&D and production test applications. Based on Finisar's high resolution, solid-state Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) optical engine, the WaveShaper family delivers extremely fine control of filter characteristics, including center wavelength, bandwidth, shape and, for WaveShaper 1000, 4000 and 16000, dispersion and attenuation.

  • WaveShaper 1000S - Programmable Optical Filter
  • WaveShaper 1000/SP - Programmable Single Polarization Filter
  • WaveShaper 4000S - Multiport Optical Processor
  • WaveShaper 16000S Multiport Optical Processor
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Popular WaveShapers


Finisar’s Transceivers are fully compliant with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, SONET/SDH/OTN, CPRI and PON standards and operate at data rates in excess of 100 Gb/s. They are capable of distances ranging from very short reach within a data center to campus, access, metro, and long-haul reaches. They feature outstanding performance over extended voltage and temperature ranges, while minimizing jitter, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and power dissipation.

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Top Transceivers

  • Popular SFP's: FCLF-8521-3; FTLF8519P3BNL
  • Popular SFP+'s: FTLX8571D3BCL; FTLX1471D3BCL
  • Popular XFP's: FTLX1412D3BCL; FTLX8512D3BCL
  • Popular CFP's: FTLC9141RENM; FTLC1121RDNL
  • Popular QSFP'sFTL410QE2C,
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Finisar's industry-leading optical products include transceivers/transponders, active cables, wavelength selective switches (WSS), ROADM linecards, optical instruments, RF-over-Fiber, amplifiers, and active and passive components.

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Finisar's QSFP28 Family Transceiver Demonstration at OFC 2015

EPS Global is a global distributor for specialized IT component and systems manufacturers whose products are used in high speed data and storage networks to accelerate, multiplex, store and manipulate the huge amounts of data generated by online activity. Our customer base includes Data Centres, MSs, IaaS, ISPs & Colocation Providers in addition to 1,000+ Value Added Reseller and System Integrators who work within the big data management market.

100G Transceivers

  • FTLC1183RDNx
  • FTLC1183SDNx
  • FTLC8281SCNM
  • FTLC8281RCNM
  • FTLC8221RFNM
  • FTLC8221SCNM
  • FTLC1121RDNL
  • FTLC1121SDNL
  • FTLC9141RENM
  • FTLC9141SENM
  • FTLC1141RDNL
  • FTLC1141SDNL
  • FTLC9551REPM
  • FTLC1151RDPL


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Transceivers, Transponders, and Active Cables for Datacom & Telecom Applications

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